Programmatic Design

01 Jan 2018

I went on a workshop in programmatic design with Rune Madsen in the summer 2017. Check out his book, which is a great introduction to the intersection of programming and graphic design.

The workshop was predominantly designers learning to program. I had a solid programming background, so I learned many things talking to the designers around me, and helped them explain their thoughts programmatically. The two days were very collaborative and exploratory, and I came out of it with a richer understanding of graphic design.

I kept playing with programmatic graphics, because it is talking about design in a language that I am already proficient in. I started with p5.js and then switched to paper.js for more functionality.

Bellow are a few samples of my creations. Some are static images, others are ‘live’ and you can interact with them.


The mashup of a few experiments comes together